[2015-08-16] ICFPC 2015

After a gap of three years, I attempted to do the task for ICFPC 2015. The task was to write a program that could play a game of (what was essentially) hexagonal Tetris with a few twists. There was a time-limit of 72 hours to finish this task in any programming language on almost any platform. As usual, by the end of the third day I was quite far from finishing it, but ended up having a little bit of fun.

My attempts at ICFPC each year now follow a distressingly-similar pattern:

Needless to say, this is not good; not good at all.

The visualizer turned out to be passable for manually playing through the games. (Thanks to Solarized, I had a decent color-palette to pick colors from - I think I'll adopt it for my other projects as well - I already use it in my editor and terminal.)

Visualizer screen-shot.

I had some trouble with the task-specification - in particular figuring out what exactly is a legal move for a Unit. I am still not sure I have it right as many games seem unplayable according to the rules. I had trouble getting my head wrapped around a hexagonal grid, especially for implementing the turning of Units - I cursed myself for not having consulted Amit Patel's excellent reference on hexagonal grids earlier, as his coordinate transforms make working with hexagonal grids relatively easy.

As usual, the source-code for my attempt (such as it was) can be found on Bitbucket, on GitHub and on GitLab.

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