[2012-03-23] Blogspot Blog Imported

I have imported into this web-site all the posts from my Blogspot blog (into which I had previously imported the entries from my Advogato diary). I feel it is better to have a single infrequently-updated web-site rather than a couple of such web-sites. It also consolidates into a single web-site most of what I have been polluting the World Wide Web with since the year 2001.

Blogspot allows you to export the entire contents of your blog as a handy XML file. I wrote a small program to transform this XML into appropriately-dated posts in this web-site. The program would have been simple but for the code to handle many of the quirks of the way I used to write the HTML for the Blogspot blog and the Advogato diary, as well as the idiosyncracies of the respective hosting platforms. The end-result should be fairly readable, though possibly not formatted in the most desirable manner.

As an aside, this import from Blogspot into my web-site as well as the previous import from Advogato into Blogspot was fairly straightforward to do using the respective exported dumps and custom programs. It would have been very difficult if these hosting platforms were not liberal enough to make it easy to migrate off them (or if I had not known programming). Kudos to Advogato and Blogspot for being so open.

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