[2009-02-14] An Ideal Electronic Book Reader

As a bibliophile with a limited space to hoard dead-tree books and without an access to a well-stocked library, I would like to move on to reading electronic books on electronic book readers. However, I am holding off buying one of the many electronic book readers already available in the market since I feel that they still have some way to go. So what would I like to see in an ideal electronic book reader?

I just want hardware that is well-suited to the task of reading books for prolonged periods. I do not really want features on the reader that are not related to this primary task. I feel that my requirements are modest and achievable in the near future. There are a few technological and business hurdles to cross before these can be achieved though. While there is hope on the technological front, the business of publishing electronic books needs an overhaul. Here are my "must-have" requirements for an electronic book reader:

Here are my "nice-to-have" requirements for an electronic book reader:Once you have a device like this, it is relatively easy to add features like a music player and a digital photo viewer to it. These might appeal to some people, but I think that they are better served by dedicated devices that are already available in the market.

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