[2007-11-11] Website Design Tweaked

I have tweaked the design of this website a bit. It should now be slightly easier to get a quick overview of the available content on some of the pages. (Note: You might need to reload script.js and custom.css to properly see the effect of the changes, if you have visited this website some time in the recent past. This is to avoid the problems caused by stale copies of these files cached by your web browser.)

Instead of showing just the most recent post on a given page in full, I now show a summary for each post followed by a “Read More...” link that expands the rest of the body of the post if the reader finds the summary interesting. I have implemented this feature for the main page, the “News Archives” pages and the “Book Reviews” pages.

I have also removed the books for which there were no reviews yet and the website used to show a silly “To be reviewed” text. This should reduce unwarranted disappointments on account of missing reviews.

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