[2006-07-11] “Year's Best Graphic Novels, Comics and Manga”

“Year's Best Graphic Novels, Comics, and Manga”, edited by Byron Preiss and Howard Zimmerman, is a collection of short snippets from graphic novels, comics and manga published between May 2003 and December 2004.

Most of the snippets are short teasers that leave you longing to read what happens next. The sheer variety of styles collected here is simply amazing and tells you just how much of talent is out there. If you have ever been curious about graphic novels, this is a very nice appetiser indeed.

One of the curious things I had noted when I used to read comics as a kid and which I still see in the snippets collected in this book is that random words in the characters' dialogues are written in bold and a bit too often, making you wonder why characters in comic books need to emphasise so many words when they speak.

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