[2006-10-22] San Francisco

I spent the first weekend of my current trip exploring the city of San Francisco, first with VikGup and Pooja and then with Ananth and Surabhi. I will also be going to the city almost every day this weekend and the whole of next week, but I do not expect to have much time that I can spend exploring the city (which is a shame since I have really liked what I have seen of this city so far).

One of the first things that I noticed about this city was its diversity - there are so many people of so many ethnicities that it seems to be about as cosmopolitan as any city can possibly get. The next thing I noticed was the ruckus created by motorcycle riders (mostly riding Harley-Davidsons) almost everywhere. Finally, I really didn't expect the city to be so small!

I was with VikGup and Pooja for some time on the first day and then I walked around The Embarcadero, visited Fisherman's Wharf, Market Street, Chinatown, etc.

The next day with Ananth and Surabhi, I saw the Golden Gate bridge, visited Haight-Ashbury and the Amoeba store, ate at Massawa (an Ethiopian restaurant) on Haight street, indulged in the creations of Ghiradelli, went up the steep roads of Russian Hill and down the hairpin bends of Lombard Street, etc.

A charming city. I wish I were able to explore it properly.

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