[2006-09-27] ICFPC 2006: Epilogue

The results of the ICFP contest for 2006 are now available. "Team Smartass" came first, followed by "kuma-" and "You Can't Spell Awesome Without ASM" in the second and third places respectively. Amazingly, the lone hacker "Witrala" was able to take the fifth place. Congratulations!

There is also a a video of the presentation by the contest's organisers at ICFP 2006. It is quite shaky, there are audio and video synchronisation problems and there is a guy sitting near the camera who gets tickled by almost everything into laughing out loud, but it is still worth a watch, especially for those who participated in the contest or those who want to know just how the organisers created the task.

This year's contest has proved to be so popular that the organisers have created a separate site called boundvariable.org dedicated to the "Cult of the Bound Variable".

An interesting bit about this year's contest was that the teams in the first and the third places were both from Google. Another interesting bit is that the individual members of these teams are also ranked very high on TopCoder and have been toppers in various contests organised by TopCoder. "Team Smartass" comprised Christopher Hendrie (ChristopherH), Derek Kisman (SnapDragon), Ambrose Feinstein (ambrose) and Daniel Wright (dmwright). "You Can't Spell Awesome Without ASM" comprised John Dethridge (John Dethridge), Ralph Furmaniak (RalphFurmaniak), Tomasz Czajka (tomek) and Reid Barton (reid).

Update (2006-10-22): Yumpee has pointed me to the ICFP 2006 paper (PDF) written by the organisers.

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