[2005-10-10] A Walk Among The Trees

I implemented a simple pretty-printer for the AST used in GCJX over this weekend. It works just like the debug_tree() function in GCC and is accessed by using the dump_tree() function in GCJX. For convenience, I just change "-fdump-methods" to call dump_tree() instead of dump_method(). That way I can easily see the ASTs created for various Java source files. For someone like me who is new to GCJX in particular and compiler construction in general, this can be quite enlightening. While debugging the GCJ front-end, I have found debug_tree() to be an immensely useful tool. I hope dump_tree() proves similarly useful for GCJX. By the way, I added a small page to the GCC Wiki describing how to go about debugging GCJX.

(Originally posted on Advogato.)

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