[2004-04-05] GCC

Since there is no way my hopelessly unreliable dial-up link at home is going to let me synchronise with the GCC CVS repository (which is around 234MB of checked out files), I checked it out elsewhere(?), archived it and brought it home - from that point, checking out differential updates became possible even on my otherwise useless link. Now I finally have a CVS checkout of GCC that can be kept as updated as I wish. What took me so long to implement this was the time taken to figure out a way of using TCP/IP over HTTP behind a proxy server so that CVS could be used, a way of carrying large amounts of data back home and the time taken to move my glutius maximus. So I applied for, and got, write access to the GCC CVS this week, albeit not without problems (why do I always run into such things?).

(Originally posted on Advogato.)

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