[2003-09-17] “Expert C Programming”

I have been reading Peter van der Linden's excellent book "Expert C Programming: Deep C Secrets" - it is thoroughly enjoyable and is the first book on C after "The C Programming Language", Second Edition, by Kernighan and Ritchie that I really liked. Otherwise one only gets to see such horrendous titles as "Let Us C" (which is sadly a textbook for C in a lot of Indian colleges) and "Teach Yourself C in 24 hours". van der Linden has a cool and humourous style of writing and obviously knows what he is talking about. Very highly recommended to anyone who likes programming in C. My LexarMedia JumpDrive Secure USB 256MB Drive arrived yesterday after I won it in an eBay auction - what a cool and really nifty thing! Unfortunately, I had to literally hack out a portion of the drive so that it could fit into the weirdly designed USB port of my office machine, but it works perfectly well otherwise. I now have "deferred broadband". :-)

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