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[2022-05-02] “The Secret Commonwealth”

I wish I had not read “The Secret Commonwealth” by Philip Pullman, the second book in “The Book Of Dust” trilogy of books. Well, I wish I had not read it now and had waited for the final book to be published. This is because this book ends on a cliff-hanger and I do not know when the final book will be published. That is quite frustrating.


[2022-04-25] “The Dark Forest”

I had low expectations from “The Dark Forest”, a science-fiction novel by Cixin Liu, since I had been disappointed by the first book in the “Remembrance Of Earth's Past trilogy of books. The only reason I started reading this book was because I am a sucker for closure – I had to read the rest of the books in the trilogy once I had started reading its first book. I am happy to report that this book turned out to be much better than I had expected.


[2022-03-30] “The Mirror And The Light”

I would admit right away that I struggled to finish “The Mirror And The Light” by Hilary Mantel, the last book in the “Wolf Hall” trilogy based on the life of Thomas Cromwell. I had immensely enjoyed the first book and had also liked the second book, so this is a little painful to admit.


[2022-01-31] “The Three-Body Problem”

When I started reading the science-fiction novel “The Three-Body Problem” by Cixin Liu, I had great expectations from it. It had been nominated for, and had won, many awards. It was praised highly by not just the usual suspects, but even folks like Barack Obama, George R. R. Martin, et al. In hindsight, I was bound to be disappointed by going in with such high expectations. The book turned out to be good, but not great.


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