Computer Programming

I started programming on the BBC Micro when I was in school and was instantly hooked on to computers and programming. I mean, there was so much one could do with a computer! To paraphrase the old cliché, one was limited only by one's own imagination. I was fortunate to have started on the Beeb using BASIC - a great computer combined with a great language can comfortably introduce even the most naïve to the world of computers and programming.

At IIT-K, I was lucky enough to get Computer Science and Engineering. I was among people tens of times better than myself, had access to great machines all the time, had access to a great library, had good teachers to learn from and was introduced to the wonderful world of the Internet towards the latter half of my stay there. I mean, what else can one ask for? I freaked out, albeit at the expense of my grades. But then, I didn't give a damn!

I developed some really nice programs back then. I mean, they were very näively written and were quite buggy, but what the heck I thoroughly enjoyed doing it all and am yet to do anything like it almost five years after graduation and becoming a professional software engineer.

I developed a fast Mandelbrot set explorer, an assembler and a simulator for Knuth's MIX, an assembler and simulator for A. K. Dewdney's Core War, an intelligent disassembler for MS-DOS executables, a real-time 3D raycasting engine, etc.

But all these are mere memories from my misty past...

Now I develop “enterprise software” after joining the IT industry.