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[2017-08-09] ICFPC 2017

I participated in ICFPC 2017 this year after a gap of two years. As in 2012 and 2015, the task this year seemed to be inspired by a game as well - specifically, Ticket To Ride, the board-game. You had to connect a few producer sites containing “lambda mines” to various other consumer sites interested in these “lambdas” along rivers connecting sites to one another (forming an undirected graph) by claiming one river per turn for a limited number of turns. You were pitted against one or more adversaries. It was quite fun, with some improvements over my performance at previous attempts at ICFPC, though not enough to make much of a dent.


[2017-07-04] “50 Greatest Short Stories”

“50 Greatest Short Stories” is a book put together by Terry O’Brien that contains stories all right, but reasonable people will very likely differ on whether these are really the “greatest” in this genre or whether some of them can even be called “short”. That said, everyone is likely to find an enjoyable and memorable story or two in here.


[2017-02-15] “Out Of Their Minds”

Out Of Their Minds” by Dennis Shasha and Cathy Lazere is an early (circa 1995) book on the lives of then-living 15 influential computer scientists - some well-known among the students of Computer Science, some not quite so well-known. The stated aim of the book is to get these people to talk about their inspirations, their contributions and where they see the future of their field. As it was published just around the time the world-wide web was becoming popular and computers in general were becoming ubiquitous, it provides very interesting perspectives and historical background.