[2007-10-11] ICFPC 2007: Epilogue

The results of ICFPC 2007 have finally been announced. Team Smartass from Google has come first (yet again), followed by United Coding Team from the University of Cape Town (South Africa) in the second place and Celestial Dire Badger (a lone hacker named Jed Davis) in the third place.

The organisers of the contest have an interesting report on the contest that also contains the "ideal" way one would go about solving the puzzles. Interestingly, Jochen Hoenicke managed to find a perfect DNA prefix some time after the contest was over. Impressively, Jed Davis came third by using a brute-force approach that won him the Judges' Prize - he was declared to be "an extremely cool hacker".

Update (2007-10-24): The organisers have now shared the video of their presentation about the contest at ICFP 2007.

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