[2006-05-05] Digital Cable TV and PBF

Our cable operator has switched over to Hathway for the feed and this means that we can now opt for digital cable TV. Hathway has given us a Humax ND-1000C as a set-top box to receive the digital signals on a trial basis.

This gives us about 150 channels, including a few radio channels. The clarity of the video and audio is unlike anything I have seen or heard with the analogue signals. The programme guide is also a very nice feature, though it is a bit inaccurate at times. When you change channels, you see a little banner that tells you the title of the programme that you are watching, its timings, its rating, etc. You can also find out all the programmes of a particular type (movies, soaps, etc.) playing across all the channels. There are a bunch of other not-so-exciting features as well. It is also surprisingly affordable. Altogether it is a rather tempting proposition.

PBF is a comic strip unlike any other I have seen so far. (Warning: Some of the strips might not be safe for viewing in the workplace.) I found most of them rather funny and have to wonder what kind of a mind can even think of such things.

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