[2005-05-03] R.I.P. JumpDrive Secure (16 Sep 2003 - 2 May 2005)

After over 1.5 years of continuous service, my JumpDrive Secure 256MB USB drive has gone dead after I dropped it on hard floor in a moment of unpardonable carelessness yesterday. It was a good buy and it was tremendously useful. On Lexar's site for the JumpDrive Secure, there are incredible testimonials of this drive having survived various ordeals, including being washed with a person's laundry, and emerging unscathed. Alas, no such luck for me! I even tried to pry it open and see if there was an obviously loose component anywhere that I could set right, but it's literally a couple of chips soldered onto a small PCB connected to a USB plug. As with almost all purely electronic devices, I cannot do anything here. This is rather unlike mechanical or simple electrical devices where I usually can figure out the problem and sometimes rectify the problem.

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