[2005-09-06] PGP Public Key

I now have my own PGP Public Key (Key Identifier: 6C114B8F, Key Fingerprint: D6E5 B9C2 5522 ED3D 09DC 3B40 61BD 61C7 6C11 4B8F) that I will try to use with my email messages. Of course, this will not work with the web interfaces provided by Gmail and Hotmail, but it works nicely with Thunderbird using the Enigmail extension. I have published this key to a couple of keyservers. I do not foresee being able to participate in a Free Software hackers' key-signing party any time soon, but I have signed the keys from Mark Wielaard, Michael Koch and Andrew Haley for whatever it is worth.

(Originally posted on Advogato.)

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