[2005-07-21] Miscellany

I come back from a two-week vacation in Bhopal and find that GNU Classpath crosses a million lines of source code and that Tom has done the big GNU Classpath merge into libgcj that should make importing changes from GNU Classpath much easier than before. I also found out that people were still discussing the semantics of overflow of signed integers in C on the GCC list and that Zack Weinberg has left GCC development. Daniel Berlin has set up an automated patch queue for GCC patches. All you have to do now is to include a line like:

 :ADDPATCH java: 
in your patch message and it would be added to the patch queue for the area "java". Cool! Nvu, the new incarnation of Mozilla Composer and a standalone program like Firefox and Thunderbird, has reached version 1.0. I took it for a spin and was able to easily create a few nice-looking HTML documents. Apparently it also supports CSS, XHTML, etc. but I don't know much about them yet to find out how good it is at supporting them. After having ignored all this while the RSS and other feed aggregation capabilities of Mozilla Thunderbird, I now find this feature absolutely indispensible and liberating. Now I can waste even more of my time reading weblogs and sites that I otherwise would not have bothered to visit with such regularity. Barry Andrews became yet another person to let out a primal cry of joy and pride after he successfully built GCJ 4.0.1 for Win32 by following my document. Based on his suggestions, I have refactored the document a bit and have highlighted some of the more important points.

(Originally posted on Advogato.)

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