[2005-11-24] FOSS.in 2005 Sessions

The detailed schedule of sessions for FOSS.in 2005 is available now (check out the names of the halls!). The good thing is that there are so many speakers and sessions to choose from. The bad thing is that many of the sessions one wants to attend either clash horribly with one another or overlap partially in incompatible ways. For example, on the very first day at 3:15PM, I have to choose between "Google and Open Source" by Zaheda Bhorat, "GCC Backend and Machine Description file" by Amber Ved, "equivalence configuring" by Andrew Cowie and "Introduction to cross-platform programming techniques" by Jaimon Jose! Delegates from outside Bangalore might want to check out the annual book sale by the great Strand Book Stall while they are here in Bangalore. The venue for the sale is the Chinnaswamy cricket statium and is quite close to the venue for FOSS.in 2005. Veteran bibliophiles in Bangalore would readily tell you how friendly a store Strand is and how you can get some really good deals (up to 80% off) on books during their annual sale. Unfortunately for them, both Landmark and Crossword have now opened big stores in Bangalore. These stores do not usually give you as good a price on books as Strand, but are closer to the watering holes of many young people and have much more space where you can actually sit down and peruse a book at your leisure. I personally get most of my non-technical books from Landmark now simply because it happens to be much closer to my house and my place of work.

(Originally posted on Advogato.)

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