[2005-01-30] Dial-up Speeds Under Linux

I was not happy with the dial-up speeds I was getting under Linux compared to Windows and finding no simple way of improving it, I just changed the modem initialisation string from "ATZ" to "ATZ0&K3%C3+MS=12,1,33600,56000;" after reading its manual. This has had an amazingly good effect on the speed - it is not a placebo effect as my wife initially claimed since I could prove it using kppp speed graphs. For the curious, it says "initialise to the default modem profile (Z0), use hardware flow control (&K3), use all compression (%C3), use V.90 (56k) with automode turned on to negotiate the best speeds and only accept a minimum speed of 33600bps and a maximum of 56000bps (+MS=12,1,33600,56000;)". However, as a user I shouldn't have to tweak things like this - they should automatically have been taken care of in the first place!

(Originally posted on Advogato.)

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