[2004-02-02] Turning a New Leaf

It is done. Finally!

I got married to the lovely Anusha on the 22nd of January 2004. I met her while working for Torry Harris, where she is still working as a developer. We got to work in the same team (ASPizer), became good friends, fell in love with each other over time and I actually proposed to her on the 7th of December 2002. It was an uphill battle from then on till the actual marriage, causing much grief to all involved, primarily because we were born into families that followed different religions. We finally got married under the Indian “Special Marriages Act” in the office of the Registrar of Marriages, Jayanagar, Bangalore. We hosted a small celebratory party after that (commonly termed in India as “the reception”), attended by some of our close friends and our colleagues from our offices.

A side-effect of the whole affair has been that instead of just being agnostic about religion as before, I have now become strongly against all forms of religion. I have only seen animosity, greed and pure waste of time in the name of religion. What good does it do that cannot otherwise be realised by rational and educated humans? The benefits of religion are overwhelmingly nullified by the actions of its followers. It divides much more than it unites. It is not for me.

Anyway, now that the most tumultuous times are behind us, I hope to get back to doing the things I like, including of course, hacking on GCJ.

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