[2004-05-16] N-Gaged Otherwise

Srikanth has bought a cool new Nokia N-Gage mobile phone. Side talking notwithstanding, it is a pretty cool device really - much lighter than I had imagined it to be (though about as unwieldy) and with a Multimedia Card (MMC), able to store whatever you care to upload to it using a PC via its Bluetooth interface. Srikanth had loaded it up with some MP3s and that all time favourite action game DOOM. Quite impressive! I still think though that he should have waited just a little while longer for the upcoming N-Gage QD.

Talking of Srikanth, he now has a cool new Gmail address too - sriki77 AT gmail DOT com. Kingshuk too would have had such an address by now if only he had taken some time off bonding with his brethren from the Ibo tribe of Nigeria.

I continue hacking on GCJ as time permits. This week marked a big milestone for GCC that GCJ is a part of - the Tree-SSA project was finally merged into the GCC mainline after almost 4 years of development, bringing a much-needed internal infrastructure upgrade to this venerable and very important compiler collection for Free software. GCC will now be able to implement several of the optimisations that were formerly only available with commercial compilers.

URU is still not available here in India, but I am not that saddened by it now as I have something much better to look forward to - “Myst IV: Revelation”, the fourth episode in the Myst saga that is so dear to me and my wife. I hope this one is available in time in India like its predecessors.

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