[2004-08-01] NetOne

Only last week did I discover that even BSNL has an “account free” dial-up connection scheme called NetOne that authenticates based on Caller Line Identification (CLI) and is reasonable at 10 paise per minute. This is apart from the normal outgoing call charges for ISP dial-up numbers (17xxxx).

TouchTel in fact has gone one step further and has eliminated the ISP charges altogether for its subscribers! Anyone with a landline connection from either BSNL or TouchTel can therefore start using their dial-up services right away and there is also no hassle of renewals. So tell me again why anyone should bother buying an ISP pack from VSNL or Sify?

Today I also complete eight years in the software industry. I am getting old. It is about time I join the Society of Geriatric Software Engineers.

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