[2004-03-14] Hung Up

As weird as it might seem, William Hung, who arguably gave the worst (albeit spirited) performance for his audition in this year's American Idol, has actually become famous! He has since appeared on various TV shows (including a special reappearance and performance on American Idol) and is even coming out with an album of his own!

As if to prove that the gene responsible for cracking bad jokes runs in the family, my sister Ruby came up with this one: after having lost his near and dear in the battle with Rama, the ten-headed Ravana sees the light and asks for pardon from Rama, saying “Mein kis munh se aapse kshama maangoo?”. Ha!

It is sad that we Indians have not much of a choice but to choose between the BJP led by the incumbent Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee hung up on “Hindutva” and the dilapidated Congress led by Sonia Gandhi that just cannot get over its obsession with the Gandhi dynasty, in the coming general elections. Not that the Americans have much to cheer, having to choose between the incumbent President George W. Bush and John Kerry. A weird thing about John Kerry seems to be that most Democrats don't seem to like him that much but still ended up voting for him thinking that he is going to be the most popular - sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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