[2004-09-03] GCC

The pressure at work to meet the project deadline is not letting me spend any time on GCC hacking. :-( A quick perusal of the lists show that some very exciting things are happening with GCC and with GCJ. GCC will soon be entering Stage 3 and a lot of people are working hard to get their stuff in before that. Jan Hubicka seems to be on a mission to reduce the memory taken up by GCC after the tree-ssa merge. Sebastian Pop has actually implemented loop interchanging for code that ought to have been written properly in the first place - I am happy that GCC is becoming smarter but sad that this would let sloppy code go unpunished. Tom and Andrew are back at hacking furiously at the BC-ABI for GCJ while Michael has finally liberated GCJ from the clutches of a hacked automake. Bryce seems have taken on the role of the GCJ PR man while triaging (and fixing) a lot of GCJ bugs. I can't wait to get back...

(Originally posted on Advogato.)

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