[2004-07-10] Curvaceous Beauty

So Srikanth prefers the gorgeous new N-Gage QD after all - he is now ready to sell off his otherwise new N-Gage and get the N-Gage QD instead! The N-Gage QD made its debut, at least here in Bangalore, last week and is available at a price of 11,600 Rupees (around 256 US dollars). This would be his fourth phone in less than two years.

The new “Animax Asia” channel made its debut here just this week. It is a channel dedicated to just showing anime from Japan! A couple of years ago, it would have been hard for me to imagine such a thing becoming available here in India.

I was similarly surprised to see that a lot of new Gotham Comics is now being drawn in India! However, I was disgusted to see Spiderman's new Indian avatar as “Pavitra Prabhakar” (instead of Peter Parker) and clad in a dhoti and shod in jootis when Spiderman! Uggghhh!

Hey I did not know that Moser Baer is actually an Indian company - they make very good writable CDs, easily comparable to the best out there!

I recently rediscovered the excellent online resource Wikipedia - I had seen it in its early days when it didn't have much useful or accurate content but I was quite pleasantly surprised to see just how much it has evolved in the intervening period. I was also quite sceptical of a wiki producing anything useful, considering just how much it can be abused, but I seem to be wrong after all. Wikipedia is quickly becoming the de-facto starting place for me to find out about something. Very highly recommended.

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