[2003-09-01] The Seven Year Itch

Ananth and Surabhi (“Hey Mr DJ...”) finally got married on the 7th of August after seven years of pursuing each other! Let us just hope a certain other couple does not have to wait that long. ;-)

Franz Kafka joins Pablo Picasso in the list of the “superlative geniuses of our time” whose works are impossible for me to understand - especially in trying to understand precisely why they are considered so great. I was reading a collection of his “stories”, including “Metamorphosis” recently - I say “stories”, since they appear to me as a bunch of words with a slight semblance to narrative that does not particularly get anywhere. Every story I read made me give out a “Huh?” by the time I finished reading it. Ditto for the paintings of Picasso. Why are the works of supposed geniuses so hard for the laymen to fathom?

Ultimate Brain Games” is a superb collection of very nicely done board games like Chess, Mahjongg, Reversi (Othello), Checkers, Dominoes, etc. for the GameBoy Advance and features great graphics and opponent intelligence. Mahjongg is especially addictive and yours truly has spent (and continues to spend) an inordinate amount of time trying to win at it.

Talking of games, looks like Myst 4 will “soon” (in a year or so) be released! URU, another game in the Myst series, will likely be released by November this year. By the way, I have read rave reviews of the 3D adventure game Syberia and have this sudden urge bubbling up inside me to buy this game.

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