[2002-07-16] Thumbs Up!

I just bought myself a Game Boy Advance!
(I know that the Japanese are generally bad at English, but doesn't anyone at Nintendo realise that the name should have been the more proper “Game Boy Advanced”?)

I have also ordered a Flash Linker Advance 64M Set, that will help me write out my own programs (or so is the plan for the moment at least) into cartridges and run them on the GBA! While it arrives, I have been checking out some of the cool and readily downloadable GBA games in the absolutely fantastic VisualBoyAdvance GBA emulator. Really cool!

I need not buy a Simputer after all.

I am also upgrading my home PC with more RAM (+128MB), more hard-disc space (+40GB) and a DVD-ROM/CD-R/CD-RW combo drive! Yay!

I might as well keep track of some of the sudden obsessions that overcome me from time to time and that so many of my friends are so wary of.

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