[2002-06-07] Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!

The 1.0 release of Mozilla has finally happened after almost 4.5 years (January 1998 to June 2002) of development! I have been using it for around a year now and am a very happy user - do check it out yourself, if you haven't already, especially if you have used Netscape Communicator before. It has goodies like the ability to block popups, tabbed browsing, the ability to block banner ads, proper support for modern web standards, availability on a large number of platforms, etc. that make life so much better for all of us web-surfers. Check out some of the really cool stuff that Mozilla can do!

For those already familiar with Mozilla, do you know that you can change the splash screen shown by Mozilla on start-up by dropping a bitmap (BMP) image of your choice named “mozilla.bmp” (on Windows) into the Mozilla installation folder?

By the way, if you don't like that pale blue lizard icon that Mozilla uses everwhere, on Windows you can get grayrest's icon pack for Mozilla, that makes it look much better. And don't forget to check out the growing number of cool themes (a.k.a. skins) for Mozilla!

Finally, a big :-P to all the naysayers!

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