[2001-04-07] Site Updated

I have changed the licence for my programmes to the Q Public License (QPL) created by TrollTech. This is a more practical license and is less restrictive than the GPL - users can use the software for free as long as they only develop free software using it, but for commercial uses they will have to contact the author (and pay him, yes!).

I have also put up an updated HyperText version of my résumé here. I added a new section for describing the kind of music I listen to. I added a page each devoted to coding and decoding, though they don't have much right now. You can also get a taste of my horrendous puns now! And don't you forget to check out my bookmarks that have a lot of links, gathered over the past four years! By the way, did I mention the article I'm writing on Windows NT 4 Tips?

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