[2001-08-12] Lost Worlds

I am reading the excellent Hindi novel Chandrakanta Santati by Devakinandan Khatri right now. It is a massive, six-volume sequel to his earlier novel Chandrakanta, and was followed a few years later by another massive, six-volume novel named Bhootnath. These novels were written sometime in the late 1800s, and are arguably some of the best fantasy fiction ever written in any language. I find them way superior to Tolkien's, and definitely Ms Rowling's, works. Some day I shall write more about them in these pages.

For some time, I was completely lost to the beautiful game Myst 3: Exile, an eagerly awaited sequel in the best-selling Myst series of games. This game is definitely the most beautiful game I have ever seen and was a lot fun to play. It is lacking somewhat in technical finesse, but the gameplay and the imagery more than made up for it. Heartily recommended, especially to women, who are quite put off by the mindless action in the majority of the games in the market today. Oh my God! What a game! Now that I have finished the game, I feel somewhat sad...

The site has been reorganised slightly. You will now see the pages rendered in whatever colours and fonts you have chosen as the defaults in your browser. I have removed all frames and JavaScript from the site. I have also added a couple of new ones to my bad puns collection.

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