[2001-06-23] “Look What I Found Ma!”

I have finally completed The Hobbitware.com Intranet Project, after having worked an inordinate amount of time on it - I apologise for the delay. I hope people find it useful in setting up an Intranet for their organisation.

I have spent the last few weeks rediscovering the joys of working with interactive 3D computer graphics. I have been using the excellent SDL library to work with the amazing OpenGL interface. I use MinGW for compiling my programmes. I started off with the excellent, though somewhat simplistic, NeHe's OpenGL Tutorials.

I also discovered the superlative Mozilla browser that beats the pants off other browsers even though it is still in a beta phase. Check out the cool selective image blocking (read “blocking banner ads”), cookie barring, ultra-fast rendering, near perfect standards compliance, and other features of this wonderful piece of software. The GIMP is an excellent tool quite like Adobe Photoshop and is really nifty. Blender is a small yet powerful 3D modelling tool that has an interface that is quite intimidating at first, though highly productive once one gets used to it.

All of these are FREE and are available on both Windows and Linux. Absolutely fantastic work by all the great and cool guys behind them. Kudos to all of them!

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