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[2001-12-26] Riven

After almost a week of intense play, I was able to finish the excellent game Riven, though not without some help. This completes my journey through the Myst series of games. This series is easily one of the best set of adventure games that I have ever come across!

[2001-12-17] Virtual Taj Mahal Demo

After working on and off on it, I have finally completed the VirtualTaj interactive 3D walkthrough of the famous Taj Mahal. The demo uses OpenGL and SDL and runs on Windows and Linux. You would need a PC with a 3D accelerator card to enjoy this demo properly.


[2001-12-07] Can you say “DUH”?

Corporate idiocy taken to the extremes - KPMG requires you to enter into a formal agreement with them to be able to link to their site from your web page. See the relevant Wired article on this. Corporates and “suits” never cease to amaze me with their Utter, Total and Complete (UTC™) idiocy!

[2001-12-03] “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”

The quiet Beatle, George Harrison, passed away this weekend and left me sad - very sad! Anyone who could create “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”, “Inner Light”, “Within You, Without You”, “Octopuss's Garden”, etc. had to be a genius and yet had to live under the shadows of the great Lennon and McCartney. I feel Life has been unfair to him...

[2001-11-19] The Perils of Floating Point

A programme I've been working on for some time now is being butchered by floating-point rounding errors. I need to either fix it or work around it real soon now, or I'll lose whatever is left of my sanity!


[2001-09-21] Dodo!

I seem to have been taken in by the Bianca Broussard scam as well! I was alerted to this by Matt, and unless he is also a fictional character that is a part of another (counter-)scam, I am thankful to him. Can one not trust anybody?

Such are the times!

[2001-08-20] Whoa!

Linux Weekly News (LWN) recently published my letter announcing The Intranet Project. I was quite overwhelmed by the extremely encouraging feedback I received from a lot of people spread across the world about the guide.


[2001-08-12] Lost Worlds

I am reading the excellent Hindi novel Chandrakanta Santati by Devakinandan Khatri right now. It is a massive, six-volume sequel to his earlier novel Chandrakanta, and was followed a few years later by another massive, six-volume novel named Bhootnath. These novels were written sometime in the late 1800s, and are arguably some of the best fantasy fiction ever written in any language. I find them way superior to Tolkien's, and definitely Ms Rowling's, works. Some day I shall write more about them in these pages.


[2001-06-23] “Look What I Found Ma!”

I have finally completed The Intranet Project, after having worked an inordinate amount of time on it - I apologise for the delay. I hope people find it useful in setting up an Intranet for their organisation.


[2001-04-14] The Intranet Project

Some time back I had helped build a simple Intranet for our company. I had to dig around a bit and learn a lot of things by trial and error as there was no simple guide to setting up the whole thing anywhere that I could lay my hands on. The Intranet Project is a “guide with a difference” that attempts to be a simple guide to system administrators who want to set up a simple, cost-effective Intranet for their organisations. It is right now in the preliminary stages, but I hope to finish it pretty soon. I would love to know what you think about it.


[2001-04-07] Site Updated

I have changed the licence for my programmes to the Q Public License (QPL) created by TrollTech. This is a more practical license and is less restrictive than the GPL - users can use the software for free as long as they only develop free software using it, but for commercial uses they will have to contact the author (and pay him, yes!).


[2001-03-31] My Disassembler Released

I have released a simple disassembler that I wrote during my undergraduate days. It converts executable programmes (16-bit COM and EXE programmes for MS-DOS) into an equivalent ix86 assembly language programme. I am releasing the full source code to the programme under the GNU General Public License (GPL), and with absolutely no warranties.

Now that was pompous enough, wasn't it? ;-)

[2001-03-30] Major Site Update

For an as yet unknown reason, all sorts of unlikely people visit my home page and actually give me feedback on how to improve this site even though there was absolutely nothing here. I decided to put something here so that I could at least pretend to understand why they would have visited my site.